The Victoria Men’s Centre


The VMC is the physical representation of a supportive men’s network. It is a place for men to gain support, companionship, and a place to share concerns and experiences in a spirit of brotherhood

The VMC is is a friendly gathering place for individuals and groups of men to come together and explore ways of improving the world around them. It echoes the ancient pattern of a meeting place, where in camaraderie men talk, play games and tell stories.

The VMC Society is a non-profit community service organization, intending to provide programs for men and families in the area, to provide a focus for other groups involved in activities such as support for men and political action, and to facilitate interaction with men everywhere.

Two groups regularly meet,

"Fathers for Equality" for providing drop-in support and peer advice to men in the midst of divorce, custody, and access problems. No fee, donations accepted.

This group meets regularly, the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month, in

Room 150, Begbie Hall (on Jubilee Hospital grounds),

2101 Richmond Road, beginning promptly at 7:30pm.

Island Men's Network Talking Circle for men desiring a non-threatening non-judgemental environment to relate and discuss men's issues, their jobs, partners, children, and lives. Ongoing long term men's groups are formed from this group. Drop-in meeting. No fee, donations accepted.

This group meets regularly, every Monday (except Holiday Mondays), in Rm 150, Begbie Hall (on Jubilee Hospital grounds), 2101 Richmond Rd, beginning at approx. 8:00pm.

  1. Principles

  2. We believe in and support men and women who are actively working to achieve equality.

  3. We believe that positive models of masculinity will help create a just society and further each man's mission in life.

  4. We believe in a wide range of social roles by which men live within their community passionately and compassionately.

  5. We believe in peaceful resolution of conflict.

  6. We believe in and promote the male role in parenting.

  1. Goals

  2. Establish and maintain a forum for discussion groups and workshops on equity issues.

  3. Seek out individuals and groups representing a broad range of social concerns.

  4. To work in cooperation with service agencies for Fathers and their children

  5. To promote an awareness of gender based inequalities in society and the link to physical and emotional violence that affects men, women and children.

  6. To promote a positive image for men as role models.

  7. To create opportunities for mentoring.

  8. To provide access for men's gatherings.

  9. To provide a resource and referral service for men.

  10. To establish an elder support system.

  11. To support non-traditional work and lifestyle roles for men.

  12. To build a transition facility for men in relationship breakdown.

  13. To provide men with alternatives to violence in relationships.

  14. To provide men with positive alternatives for expressions of anger.

  15. To promote men in active parenting.

  16. To promote parenting skills in men.

  17. To promote the exploration and discussion of access and custody issues.

  18. To support men's access and custody rights.

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Child Custody                                         Fix It for Kids                                         BC Fathers
Prostate Cancer                                      Political Happenings                            Ongoing Activities 
Resources for Men                                  Other Orgs
See the Government of Canada, Dept of Justice Response to the Joint Senate and Commons Committee on Custody and Access.FFE-1.htmlDiscussion.html

The other VMC....     The Victoria Motorcycle Club.

How to find us:

VMC, Box 8082, Victoria B.C. V8W 3R7

Phone: 370-4MEN (370-4636)        E-Mail: