The Vancouver Island Prostate Cancer Research Foundation

We are a non-profit foundation devoted to the eradication of prostate cancer.

Our goals are:

- to facilitate and assist in the formation and running of Prostate Cancer support groups.

- to promote awareness of Prostate Cancer in the community.

- to facilitate and promote Prostate Cancer research.

- to promote co-operation amongst levels of government, citizens and treatment facilities.

- to achieve and maintain excellence in Prostate Cancer management.


A Medical Advisory Council has been formed to advise on Prostate Cancer Management and medical research. The council is made up of professionals and workers from the fields of:

- Urology

- Radiation Oncology

- Medical Physics

- Research

- Medical Oncology

Statistics Canada states that Prostate Cancer is the largest cause of male cancer deaths in Canada. Early diagnosis saves lives.

Funding will ensure:

1. Support groups for patients and their families, living with Prostate Cancer.

2. Those with Prostate Cancer receive relevant and easily accessible information.

3. That people are educated about the consequences for those living with Prostate Cancer.

4. Those with Prostate Cancer have their suffering alleviated.

5. Concentrated financial research into the specific area of Prostate Cancer.

Your donation is needed to eliminate Prostate Cancer.

Please make your donation to:

The Vancouver Island Prostate Cancer Research Foundation

856 Sunridge Valley Drive

Victoria  BC  V9B 5L2

phone (250) 474-3860

fax (250) 474-3861

a tax deductible receipt will be sent for each donation

Watch for our annual Father's Day 10K run!

Supported by the British Columbia Cancer Agency