The Well Foundation Society

The Well Foundation Society was incorporated under the Society Act on 29th August 1997. It was formed by a group of men who aimed to promote the cause of men's health through education, networking, and support of health-related activities for men, with its focus being on the creation of a rustic retreat facility.

The Purpose

1. To foster public understanding and awareness of men's health issues.

2. To foster improvement in the relationships between men, their families, and their communities.

3. To provide funding for various organizations, institutions, and individuals concerned with men's mental, physical, and spirtual health issues.

4. To support and oversee the operation of retreat facilities and programs for men and their families.

The Well Retreat Facility

"The Well" is on a plot of 160 acres of land loaned to the society by a local benefactor. It is located up the Malahat in the Spectacle Lake region. The land is rough and varied, with open logged areas, scattered forest, and a large natural bog. Being unserviced by hydro or water, it is very rustic.

The plans for devloping the retreat facility include: a large firepit and gathering area. a main house campsites & tent platforms several small cabins an obstacle course a sweat lodge In addition to the above facilities, much effort will be spent on restoration of its former natural beauty before being logged. Any group of men may use The Well for retreats, gatherings or solitary getaways. Men may also use The Well with their families.


The aim of the society is to keep capital expenditures and ongoing costs to a bare minimum. Our intent is to build a large membership base of interested men who will participate in work projects, fund-raising, gathering of materials, and providing ongoing care and maintenance of the facility and its access road.


The annual membership in The Well Foundation Society is $20.00. This allows the member to vote at the Annual General Meeting, to receive regular communications from the board, and to actively participate in the growth and development of the society.

Membership forms can obtained through contacting Tom Arlidge at 881-1466 or Jim Ricks at 383-4001.

The Well Foundation Board

Tom Arlidge

Moray Benoit

Tim Doherty

Rod Keays

Jim Richardson

Jim Ricks

Bob Salmond

Mailing Address

The Well Foundation

621 Toronto St,


B.C. V8V 1P5